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NTC Thermistors

Elscott Manufacturing LLC has been manufacturing high quality NTC Thermistor components for Military, Aerospace, Medical and Commercial applications for over 35 years. These are available as a stand alone ware/chip, or with a variety of lead and encapsulation options. Based on three distinct characteristics, Current, Resistance and Voltage these thermistors are ideal for a variety of applications.

Available as several standard parts listed in the literature below or contact us for custom manufacturing based on your particular needs.

NTC Thermistors can be configured to act as a temperature control, flow meter, temperature alarm, altimeter or as a time delay, for brightness control, surge protection or a filament substitute.

Applications include, satellites, aircraft, electronic equipment, industrial lighting, auto and truck industry, power control systems.

Custom fabrication is available to meet the most demanding design specifications.

The following specification sheets outline the basic thermistor line with variation in R/T curve, resistance tolerance, configuration, lead design and encapsulation offered to meet customer applications.

Thermistor Factsheets