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Elscott Awarded 2018 4-Star Honors for Supplier Excellence

July 9, 2019 Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified electronics contract manufacturer announces it has received recognition from Raytheon for its performance as a supplier for 2018. For the second time, Elscott received Raytheon’s 4-star honors distinction under its supplier rating.

Raytheon’s Integrated Defense Systems business instituted the annual Supplier Excellence Awards program to recognize suppliers who have provided outstanding service and partnership in exceeding customer requirements. Award candidates are judged on certain criteria, including overall quality and on-time delivery. Out of almost 3000 suppliers to Raytheon in 2018, this recognition puts Elscott within the top 3% of those earning this distinction.


Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified contract manufacturer today announced it has secured a contract with Old Town Canoe, a unit of Johnson Outdoors Watercraft, Inc. to produce components for its latest line of  award winning fishing kayaks.

Elscott will provide printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and full box build assembly of the motor complex for the Old Town Canoe Fishing Kayak. The Old Town® Predator™ XL recently won Best of Show and Best of Show, Boats for 2014 at the International Convention of Allied Sportfishing (ICAST) trade show. Will Taylor, president of Elscott stated, “The Predator™ and Predator™ XL have won awards two years in a row at the ICAST trade show for their innovative concepts and products. Working with new companies to bring the best products possible to a growing sport is great in itself. The fact that Old Town Canoe is located in our back yard, proves Maine companies can work together to manufacture award winning products right here.”


Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified electronic contract manufacturer today announced it was recognized as a 4-star supplier for operational excellence by Raytheon for 2014.

Raytheon continually measures its suppliers on quality standards, on-time delivery, process improvement initiatives and safety standards. Fewer than 3% of its global suppliers achieve a 4 or 5 star status. Will Taylor, Elscott’s president stated, “Elscott provides mission critical components for the Missile Defense Agency (MDA) under a multitude of programs including, JLENS, THAAD/BMDS, SpaceFence, 3DELRR, Patriot, SkyFire, TPY-2, and FlexDar.  We continually strive to provide excellence in our support to Raytheon’s delivery of mission assurance to its customer. Receiving this recognition is a testament to the level of commitment our employees make in ensuring our commitment to quality for our warfighters.”

Elscott Employee Recycles Old Lobster Trap Rope for Decorative Maine Made Items

Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified contract manufacturer employing many veterans, has one in particular who founded a business recycling old lobster trap rope. John Crowley, a Marine veteran and his business partner/girlfriend Nicole Moore, took advantage of a change in law that banned the use of certain polypropylene rope on lobster traps to create decorative works of mats, baskets, hanging pieces and furniture.  These Maine made pieces range from American flags to mats depicting military service ribbons to baskets and chairs.  Their company, The Green Lobster can be found on Facebook or you can contact John directly at 207-669-2083 or

Here’s a link to a recent article on John, Nicole and The Green Lobster.



Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified contract manufacturer today announced it has received a renewed AS9100C and ISO 901:2008 certification for its Quality Management System (QMS).

AS9100C is an international quality management system for the aircraft, space and defense industries which includes the requirements of ISO 9001:2008 quality standards. It is designed to measure and improve product and process quality, increase traceability within the supply chain and provide resources to measure and improve customer satisfaction. Companies seeking AS9100C certification must meet rigorous audit requirements each year by accredited organizations. Will Taylor, Elscott President stated, “This certification and continued emphasis on quality has enabled us to secure large multiyear contracts from leading aerospace and Department of Defense cliental. Renewal of our AS9100C certification validates Elscott’s commitment as a quality driven contract manufacturer and assurance to our customers that our QMS continues meets the highest standards.”

Elscott Awarded AS9100C Certification

Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified contract manufacturer today announced it has been awarded AS9100C certification for its Quality Management System (QMS).

The AS9100C is an international Quality Management System for the aircraft, space and defense industries which expands and intensifies the standards derived from the building blocks of  ISO 9001:2008. AS9100C is uniquely designed to measure, analyze and continuously improve product and process quality. Elements also include risk evaluation and implementing mitigation techniques within the supply chain and company to improve customer satisfaction and ensure product conformance. Will Taylor, Elscott President stated, “This is an exceptional achievement for Elscott and its employees. AS9100C certification along with our ISO 9001 Certification is a testament to the dedication and hard work the employees of Elscott put into every job. We are now able to expand on our commercial and Department of Defense businesses by competing for additional extensive space and aviation programs.”


Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified contract manufacturer today announced it has been awarded a contract to supply material to the US Army Missile Command at Redstone Arsenal, AL.

This contract is the first for the Army’s missile defense program that requires a wipe cloth coated with silicon fluid to lubricate high voltage cable connector assemblies inside missiles. Elscott has worked with the defense integrator, Raytheon Company to develop this solution. Will Taylor, president of Elscott stated, “This is a new program for Elscott, Raytheon and the US Army. We are excited to be chosen as the company to introduce it to the military market. It is our hope that this material proves to be successful and gains a wider audience in other military branches and countries.”

Elscott Awarded Contract to Supply Components in Radar Technology

Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified electrical contract manufacturer today announced it has been awarded a contract to supply components to Raytheon Company under a contract with the United Arab Emirates (UAE). That contract calls for Raytheon to supply radars under the Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) program to the UAE through 2018.

This contract is the first international sale involving radars on the THAAD program and Elscott is among suppliers from 33 states providing components for it. Will Taylor, president of Elscott commented, “We are excited to be part of the team in this effort. We hope that the success of this sale to the UAE is a stepping stone to future orders from other countries. The fact that Raytheon has selected Elscott to provide components under this program is a testament to the hard work and dedication of our employees.”

Elscott Awarded Continued ISO 9001: 2008 Registration

Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified electrical contract manufacturer today announced the recertification of its Quality Management System (QMS) under the ISO 9001:2008 guidelines. Certifications are issued by an independent registrar upon successful completion of a documentation audit and onsite audit of the company’s operations.

Manufacturers rely on ISO certifications as assurance to customers that they have the proper internal controls in place to ensure product integrity at all stages of the manufacturing process as well as customer and supplier satisfaction. According to Will Taylor, President, “This continued registration is a critical component of Elscott’s commitment to maintaining the high quality service standards set by the International Organization for Standardization.”

Elscott Awarded Increase in Federal Grant by New England Trade Adjustment Assistance Center

Elscott Manufacturing, a diversified electrical contract manufacturer today announced it has been awarded an increase in a federal grant by the New England Technical Trade Assistance Center (NETAAC). The NETAAC offers matching grants through funding from the US Department of Commerce to help manufacturers remain competitive in the global market.

Elscott has been working under previous grants from NETAAC to develop and implement lean manufacturing principles to improve efficiencies and reduce costs and provide continued training for its employees in certification programs. Will Taylor, President of Elscott Manufacturing commented, “Organizations such as NETAAC aid small US companies to compete globally with foreign competition. We would not be able to remain competitive without NETAAC’s assistance and the support of the Maine delegation in making sure these federal grants continue.”